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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be a Good Yogi….

Yoga is about so much more than just turning yourself into a pretzel.  Ultimately, it is a process of self-discovery and of building self-awareness.  The more in tune you are with your own actions, thoughts, and emotions, the more you realize how your behavior impacts those around you.  To that end, consider how what you do in class affects those around you.  How do you feel when your neighbor chugs down a liter of water or takes a shower-asana while you’re sweating it out in Triangle?  What goes through your mind when someone walks in front of you to leave the room in the middle of Standing Bow?  How do you feel when someone starts a conversation in the middle of your meditation in final savasana?  So, be still, be calm, be focused, be considerate – not only will your practice be stronger, so will that of everyone else in the room!

A few specific points:
  • No talking in the hot room.  Keep the conversations in the lobby and hallways.
  • Stay still during the postures.  Take a drink or make any adjustments in between postures.
  • Try to stay in the room.  Take breaks as needed, but take them on your mat.  We understand that emergencies happen, and if you REALLY need to leave, please leave in between postures, not while other students are balancing.
  • Only take your mat, towel, and water into the room with you.  Anything else is just a distraction.
  • Remember, it’s YOGA!  Nothing more, nothing less.  Have fun with your practice – if you fall out of a posture, find your forgiveness, find your perseverance, smile, and try again!